Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 14: Prompt: If I Were....

If I Were Only

If I were only to hunker down
put this butt in chair,
I'm sure these poetic
words would flow
I'm sure I'd find them there.

But I am a balking, stubborn one
and that time I do not take.
Instead I waste it all online
or eating, or watching air.

If I could simply
commit to sit
this easy, little step
I'd have written
a novel piece
instead I just have this.

-A. Ault-


Day 13: Prompt: Animal

Cleaning Paws

"Oh, what is this?"
said the mother cat
to the kit who washed
her toes.

"You cannot be
a prissy girl
if you hunt in gardens,

Licks. "But mother,"
said the little kit,
"no huntress life
for me."

"For I have found
a human friend,
and a house cat I
will be!"

-A. Ault-


Day 12: Prompt: City

City Speak

Ideas thrive
as the city breathes.
Thoughts have windows,
words have speed.

-A. Ault-