Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 3: Prompt: Message

I’ve Written Once

I’ve written once
I’ve written twice
I’ve scribbled, erased, and chewed
I worry over these words I write,
these words I send to you
I came, I went
our time was spent
And away it went with you
But I fear the future I see ahead,
Because all I see is you.
And if it does
we come to pass
I won’t know how to choose
So keep this letter well in hand
Because this future I leave to you.

Day 2: Prompt: Journey


Clothes on top of everything
luggage open wide
Wheels on glossy tiled floors
an alphabet of signs
A porthole open wide enough
sunset under sky
Different smells of everything
different lights shine
(Didn't get this posted on April 2...shhhh!)

Day 1: Prompt: Beginning and/or Ending

A Wave, Beginning

There is a wave, beginning
I can hear it from this sand
the sun, blinding in the distance
watches, all it can
The wave, it rises, building
higher and higher it grows
and I am breathing, being
all I can with eyes closed
It is closer now, ready
the water about to break
and I am running, needing
drowning in its wake
Only an echo sounds, softly
and the moon commands this tide
the water pulling from me, feeding
another wave to rise.
-A. Ault-


All following posts will be my submissions for the 2014 April Poem A Day (PAD) Challenge through I've been wanting to participate in this challenge since I heard about it last year, but ran out of time and gumption to write all those poems. This year, I'm ready, bursting with excitement, and working hard to post daily.

These are posted here for you to enjoy (for those who want a little more poetry in your life). All comments are welcome!